The Launch Pad Podcast

Episode 4: First Roots, Then Wings

Many adults today would agree that there is something very wrong with our children. They are so riddled with anxiety, struggling with depression, and simply not thriving. We have got to do more for them, and we need to start earlier. These are difficult times. The psychological and emotional challenges that children are facing today is in part because of social media. Not that social media is all bad, it’s that our children don’t know who they are or what’s important and, so they get consumed with what everyone else is doing, thinking and becoming. Parents, let’s take our power back by teaching our children who they are and what matters most. This podcast will shed light on this topic and provide solutions, because we simply cannot carry on. Our children need our help. 

Episode 3: A Tribute to Fathers: The Unsung Heros

In honor of all Fathers who never really got the credit they deserved just for being decent men, who loved their children the best they knew how, this podcast is for you. And for all the grown ups who have or had dads like this, trust me when I say; you got a good guy and if it's not too late (because it is for me), then it's time you let him know.

Episode 2: Guided Mediation

Join Shari as she takes you through this easy and energizing “Chakra Tuning” Guided Meditation to help you feel calm, grounded and balanced. Chakras are the 7 different force fields along the centre of our body, that act like vortexes of energy radiating outwards. We must balance them regularly, to be at peace with ourselves and in harmony with the Universe. 

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